Panagenda MarvelClient

The lack of insight into your IBM Notes client landscape poses major problems for many companies. panagenda’s MarvelClient Essentials gives you a view of your entire Notes client inventory and is directly built into IBM Notes v10 and higher.

MarvelClient Analyze allows you to take stock of your IBM Notes client deployment complexity and inconsistencies.  It provides IT, helpdesk, and management staff with all necessary details, facts, and figures to identify pitfalls during upgrades such as insufficient resources or non-standard installations.  You can reduce risk and helpdesk tickets, with pie charts of key data to visualise issues.   You can analyze and visualize IBM Notes workspace, client configuration, and even key operating system details too.

MarvelClient Analyze provides the following details about your Notes client configuration:

  • Performance measurements and identification of bottlenecks
  • Setup and configuration inconsistencies
  • HCL Notes client versions and setup details
  • Desktop Icons
  • Bookmarks
  • Replicator page entries
  • Local replicas and databases (including the important ODS and build version information)
  • notes.ini
  • ID file and security configuration details
  • Eclipse settings
  • Location and connection documents, accounts and certificates
  • Collecting the hardware and software inventory