Sales and Marketing Challenges

At whatever stage in the sales cycle your clients and prospects are, putting the right information into your sales team’s hands at the right time can help them to achieve optimal results for your business.

IBM social collaboration solutions allows your sales and marketing teams to more effectively aggregate and manage critical customer information. It will also allow and encourage them to share other valuable information such as adjustments in sales strategies, competitive intelligence and best practice.

Improved communication for improved results

Implementing an IBM social collaboration environment with Kelros ensures that any internal expert needed to complete a sale or better serve a customer is just a click away. Your sales and marketing teams will have one central communication hub, accessible to all, from any device, anytime, significantly improving open and effective communication.

Our tools also allow you to create specific groups for cross-functional projects and initiatives – for example the launch of a new product – and all relevant departments and individuals within the organisation can be added to the group.

Our experience has shown that improved communication across teams can result in an increased focus on customers, ensuring the right product or message always reaches the right customer at the right time to optimise business results. Wider benefits also include swifter response from the teams to changing market conditions and accelerated implementation of effective sales and marketing strategies.

Effective knowledge sharing

Our collaboration and communication tools allow you to tap into your internal talent and external partners to promote knowledge sharing and the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas.

The tools allow you to select an idea and evolve it into specific plans with tasks, assignments and deadlines. Working with tools that make every discussion, resource and plan observable to those who need to know, IBM social collaboration solutions enables ideas to become reality in less time and with greater impact.

IBM social collaboration tools for sales and marketing include:

  • Omni-channel customer engagement
    Solutions that fuse analytics, marketing, commerce and fulfilment to better serve customers
  • B2B commerce
    Software for delivering personalised experiences and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Store of the future
    Personalised, mobile store experiences that provide real-time product information and offers
  • Customer analytics
    Applications that create and manage historic profiles to help you reach and retain customers

Oscar – Empowering sales from the ground up

The shift in how OSCAR business owners communicate is more than a question of IT. It’s a cultural upgrade that will potentially improve functions across the business – training, customer service, marketing, sales and recruitment to name a few. Externally, IBM Verse and Connections support the OSCAR brand by making all business owners part of the same communications system. Customers are left with no doubt who they’re dealing with. Internally, business owners and office staff can message each other instantly using Connections. They can get real-time support from their peers to answer customer enquiries, and easily see information on special offers. And crucially, they can access nutritional advice in a more dynamic way, without having to log into an intranet system or read archived manuals. Together, this means the OSCAR team not only enjoys a smooth, contemporary communications facility, but can actually enhance sales as a direct result of Kelros’ recommended solution.”

Vispring – Bringing the business together

Vispring plans to roll out the IBM Verse mobile app to support sales representatives working in the field.

We have 40 representatives who work face-to-face with our customers to build and strengthen our relationships,” comments Howard. “In addition to giving our representatives access to IBM Verse on their mobiles, we will soon enable them to log into IBM Connections on tablet devices—helping them find information faster and give the answers to customers immediately.”

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Dual Entitlement with IBM Collaboration Solutions

Increase your ROI and discover the power of cloud technology with Cloud Collaboration and IBM Dual Entitlement Licensing

Did you know that IBM Notes and Domino customers can now choose to have access to a dual entitlement license – giving you both cloud-based and on-premises versions for all or most of your users?