Domino, Verse and Notes

Verse is mail that understands you and how you work. Guided by analytics, Verse learns your behaviours to adapt to the way you work, wherever you work and understands your particular security and privacy needs.

With built-in intelligence and a user-first, user-tested design, Verse offers a more efficient and effective way to manage business communications across devices and organise inbound and outbound communications.

A seamless array of social and mobile capabilities delivered from the cloud also help Verse open up intuitive new ways to share valuable information with colleagues, co-workers and customers.

Verse can also be integrated to Notes and Domino solutions – providing client and server software for messaging and collaboration for a wide variety of operating environments. These products allow you to advance your organisation as a social business and can help you develop and deploy collaborative and workflow applications quickly and easily.

Domino, Verse and Notes solutions enable businesses of all sizes to accelerate operations, improve decision-making, increase productivity and realise enhanced business results.

Why Kelros for Domino, Verse And Notes?

Kelros is uniquely placed to offer Domino, Verse and Notes consultancy and integration services. Our experience of complex business processes and collaboration tools and technologies and our accredited software skills are unrivalled.

We have achieved outstanding results for clients throughout the UK and Europe with Domino, Verse and Notes integration, development and continued support.

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