Bluemix is a cloud based platform which allows you to develop, manage and run applications for mobile use and websites. With prebuilt services it means you can focus on the development of apps rather than having to manage the infrastructure. The Bluemix architecture is illustrated below:

Bluemix has a range of features which enable you to:

• Accelerate development on both sides of the firewall
• Use a language of your choice
• Integrate new and existing systems
• Support cloud native and cloud enabled workloads

By using Bluemix in your organisation you will gain in a number of areas:

• Increased control and flexibility
• Faster adaptability
• Improved scalability (up and down) across apps and services
• Visibility through predictive analytics and dashboard which indicates usage, deployed files, logs and resources used by apps
• Continuous availability and processing power enables you to deliver app changes continuously

Why Kelros for Bluemix?

The dedicated team of IT technicians at Kelros has a detailed and in depth experience and knowledge of cloud based IT. With this understanding Kelros will be able to ensure you are getting the most out of the Bluemix services and that your organisation is benefiting from the full potential of what Bluemix can offer your business.

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