Get a sharper focus to the flow of internal knowledge with Connections Engagement Center (CEC).

Download our Infographic to learn how CEC can help employees across your organisation

Connections Engagement Center keeps your employees current and active while drawing their attention to critical news, events, and resources.

With Connections Engagement Center you can:

  • Increase employee engagement by drawing attention to important news, content from senior executives and employees of all-levels, resources, events, files, links and applications through a site tailored to each individual’s role or location.
  • Create landing pages for senior executives or departments. These sites can be integrated into one view, and maintained by individual departments.
  • Encourage collaboration and dialogue among employees through integration with the collaboration tools that they are already using.
  • A single content repository allows anyone to easily create and maintain content that can be shared on the homepage.

Download our Infographic and e-book to learn how CEC can help employees across your organisation.

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